What Does The Fox Say? Can He Tell Me What To Wear in Family Pics?

We have family pictures on Saturday. This has been on the calendar for three months. Here is a status report:

  1. I haven’t lost 10 pounds.
  2. I didn’t drink more water to give my skin a youthful glow.
  3. I don’t know what we’re wearing.
  4. None of this is surprising.
  5. That’s how I roll.

Tonight, I should have been looking at Pinterest or something to decide what we should wear. Instead, the kids have been coaxing me to watch videos on YouTube all night. Here is a sampling:

Youngest Daughter is REALLY into the video for What Does The Fox Say. I can’t get it out of my head. She says Ylvis made it as a joke, to be ironic hipsters, and now it’s blown up, as the kids say.

The Son is into Epic Rap Battles of History. There is a whole series. And I know, language. Avoid Season 3, language gets worse.

Oldest Daughter thinks this is funny. Of course. Because the subject matter is funny and the acting is over the top.

I’m personally a HUGE fan of this (and the original version with John Krasinski, but this is good too).

What are we wearing for family pictures? Whatever it is, I hope it’s somewhere on YouTube, or I’m probably not going to see it.





  1. Care Bear

    OMG, I love the the lip sync! I’m going to waste my whole morning and look up the John Krasinski one. Love Jimmy Fallon. As for the pix, I suggest matching family sweaters, preferably something with large color blocks.

    • John K used to be on YouTube, but it is oddly gone. It is hilarious, you can Google “Jimmy Fallon John Krasinski lip sync” and it will come up. Well worth the effort to see Jimmy do “Don’t Cry Out Loud” and John do “I’ll Make Love To You.” Am in love with both performances, and the idea that such a thing can even happen.

  2. I can’t wait until my OD gets home and I can show her this. She’s a YouTube addict. Wouldn’t it be fun if I actually “discovered” a YouTube video before she did?

    As for pictures, what’s your best outfit? Make everyone coordinate around you. :) Oh and layers. Definitely a light sweater over the top of whatever.

  3. grandemocha

    You should get ideas from Awkward Family photos or People of Walmart. Much easier. You know you’ll look back at them and cringe. Might as well say we did it on purpose.