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Done Ballin’: Why Baseball Must End

As far as parenting goes, I’m probably in B- territory.

1. While offering fruit and veggies, my kids can access chips, Froot By The Foot, and Lucky Charms at home. And Nutty Bars. Oh, the Nutty Bars.

2. We allow the older ones to watch R rated movies that we think are funny.

3. We expose them to BOTH kinds of news sources: Conservative and Liberal. It’s like we’re making them BiPolitical. Not legally recognized in all states. Yet.

4. I make them wear many of their clothes more than once before I’ll wash them (excludes underwear, socks and boy t-shirts).

5. I go to most of their extra-curricular events, and even enjoy them. To a point. And then I’m over it.

I’m talking to YOU, youth baseball season. Read more…