Puppy Wrecking Ball and Zombie Cat

Tonight is going to be a little pet-centric in Wiferville.

To wrap up my current World War Z fixation, I give you Zombie Cat.

zombie cats college humor

Courtesy of the warped minds of collegehumor.com. It always gives me great comfort to see that someone is willing to put so much time into something so very ridiculous.

Tonight I am supposedĀ to be working on a fine arts booster brochure for my kids’ high school, and instead I find myself watching this over and over – please note the acid-dropping cat in the commercial preceding the Miley Cyrus puppy video:

That’s right Miley. I’d rather see a dog licking its (tennis) balls than to watch you lick hammers and ride naked. I hope this doesn’t eat up as much of your time as it did mine.




  1. Murphy

    LUV!!!! Take that, Miley! Much cuter than all of her nastiness!

  2. Care Bear

    Some people have a lot of time on their hands. They even had time to make the “making of” the tennis ball video. I guess, hope? they get paid for that?! It was very funny. What is the weird China, IL, cartoon?!