Poor Cinderelly

It doesn’t seem like SO long ago that I was getting ready for some party or another in my dewy, sunrise years. Then I see a picture like this and I realize how very, very long ago it was:

 me and girls

Got all of your chins in there? Muffintop threatening to punch your youngest in the ear? Check, and double-check.  A good high school friend said to me recently, “Julie, you’re a pretty girl, but you can’t take a flattering picture to save your life.” Only a good friend will say it’s not that YOU’RE  not that attractive anymore, it’s the CAMERA that can’t truly capture your essence. Thank you, dear friend. This person also brings amazing Merlot wherever she goes, so she’s like a winning scratch card in your purse.

Oldest Daughter had her Turnabout Dance at her high school last night, and in the words of Dickens, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”  Don’t get me wrong, she’s a lovely girl, but in times of stress we tend to get all head-butty. For being a disorganized person, I get all demanding about needing to know the schedule. She gets all belligerent that her friends are planning this one, and she doesn’t have all the details. I insist she contact said friends. She insists she HAS. I threaten to call other moms. She freaks out. Yet somehow we end up smiling in a picture, and I leave her to the dance and go home, shoving refined sugars and fats into my mouth and cursing, and realizing that this time will be over all too soon.

We started the day like this:

photo (30)

I took out the camera and said I was going to document our day. She said no. I said yes. Apparently, we compromised. DRAW

I took pics of her getting her hair done. She said I couldn’t use them on the blog.  I acquiesced. POINT OD

Youngest Daughter wanted to take a friend with her to the salon to watch. OD said no. I said yes.  I won. Littles got their nails painted, total win for them. POINT MOM

girls nails

Oldest Daughter decided she needed to go to a choreography practice for the high school musical from 1-3 after getting $60 of hair done, even though she had marked it down as an excused absence when auditioning, because she felt like she needed to go.  I can’t really argue meeting your obligations, but when I dropped her off I said, “Please don’t move your head around much.”  She came out at 3 p.m. with about $20 worth of hair undone. *Momdrink* When I muttered something about it, she got defensive, I got defensive, we all got defensive! DRAW

OD’s boyfriend, affectionately referred to as Current Boyfriend, decided that since OD got to dictate his tie for the last few dances, he was going to select his own tie for this one. He really picked a winner in my opinion, so POINT CB:


His is the one with the mouse next to the 1980′s computer. OR COURSE. And this is why I like this boy so much. I have to say, I admire OD’s willingness to let him wear the tie to the dance. She has me for a mother, so she fully supports letting someone’s freak flag fly. Because CB’s tie had a mouse, I decided to put a mouse in his boutonniere, but that is where OD drew the line. No mouse. POINT OD

mouse flower

CB’s parents are photographers, so they take amazing pictures, and I stand back and let them do their thing. But when the professional time is over, I jump in with my iPhone and get everyone to take crazy pictures. It’s honestly gotten to the point where the kids turn to me and say, “What are you going to make us do?”, but they are actually a little excited about it. POINT MOM

sand volleyball

The ever-popular “Sand Volleyball” pose…

tb sad

The “You’re sad…you’re so, so sad.”

tb threaten

The “You’re in formal wear but you’re going to jack my car.”

tb clowns

The “You’re clowns, you’re homicidal clowns!”

tb yd

The “Take a picture with the baby and no one gets hurt.”

And my favorite?

duck faces

“Duck lips”

The fact that CB is willing, even eager, to go along with all of this? Makes him a keeper.  I’m a fan.

Honestly, I kid about the tension. We have a few moments, but really, I love these days.  Oh to be young.




  1. I feel like I am reading about my family. Your OD sounds a lot like my OD. Except she would have been okay with the mouse in the flower.

    • My OD is still recovering from when we put the Fightin’ Irish guy in her Homecoming date’s flower two years ago, and he sagged off of the shirt all night. The novelty may have worn off. There is a line in the sand.

  2. My best friend taught me that you never look down in a photo. Always hold the camera above your head. And turn sideways.

    • And throw your shoulders back and suck in your gut, and put your tongue behind your teeth. I do about half of these things and forget the other half. If I would quit eating Girl Scout cookies it would probably help too.

  3. Julie Fisher

    Considering how you were as a teenager… I think you’re getting off pretty easy here. But, Natalie has let me know the paybacks will be when YD gets older.

  4. Thanks for the laugh. I’m reading this at the office and laughed out loud but thankfully I’m on my own at the moment (hence the reading of blogs and neglecting my work!) xo