George as Prom Queen

Today, I gave the kids a summer project – at all costs, win the regional Standard Poodle dog grooming contest.

Crazy Dog Grooming Competition

Because what family wouldn’t be proud to own not only a dog, but a piece of art? Read more…

The WOOT Girl

You know the whole concept of the “perfect storm”?

Well tonight, I’m hours, maybe minutes, away from getting my shark week early, AGAIN, and we’ve been to a family funeral this week and driven a whole lot of miles and I’m tired and then tonight I took Current Husband to see Martin Sexton (and if you haven’t seen him , SERIOUSLY, what the hell, he is amazingballs) for his Valentine’s Day gift, except that he didn’t drink and I did and then I was the WOOT girl, who goes WOOT during every song and makes it about her, and at one point I was clapping and he made me stop because he said I was clapping waaaayyy off rhythm, and our friends were all laughing at me but I don’t care because I was having THEBESTTIMEEVERSOMUCHFUN.

Perfect storm. Happy I didn’t get arrested. And I had a designated driver.

Here is a video of Martin Sexton singing my fave song of his, Can’t Stop Thinkin’ Bout You, with John Mayer:

And now I’m home.

And it’s 11:11 p.m. (make a wish!) and I have to get up at 6:15 to make lunches and get everyone off to orchestra and student council and get to work, and ouch is that ever going to hurt.

And then?


Here is Fred Hoiberg dancing to New York State of Mind.Because he is awesome like that. And still maintains his “Punching Man” like a 20-year-old:

Here is a small video about how awesome Iowa State is and why you should send your kids there:

And I will be at Buffalo Wild Wings at 5:20 to hold down a table for 12 for our group of crazies, many of whom witnessed me being the WOOT girl tonight, so we can cheer our Cyclones on to Huskie dream-killing.


AND LISTEN TO MARTIN SEXTON. Because he is amazingballs. Said it twice in a post. Thus concludes my use of that word forever.


Candyland, Niang Knee and Bloods

I’ve sort of done a lot about Iowa State lately (GO CLONES!! Can’t wait for Friday!) so I thought I’d do a palate cleanser before the next round of my Cyclone gushing this weekend.

The kids are on Spring Break, and since we did the Big 12 Tournament last weekend, they are home this week.

Youngest Daughter decided to celebrate by talking me into taking her to Candyland for Spring Break. I took her to the store and let her pick out the sugariest, nastiest stuff she could find, and she talked her brother into eating the sugar, staying up late, and playing Pokemon.

photo 1 (8)

Happy little camper.

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Another Love Letter to Coaches With Restraining Orders Against Me

I’m pretty sure I’ve vomited it all over social media last weekend, and on the blog, and hey, let’s face it, subtlety is not my thing, so let’s get it all out…

Did y’all hear Iowa State won the Big 12 Championship?

big 12

Oh yes they did, Em-Effers.

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