Lost In Suburbia in Chicago and a Giveaway!

I rarely have giveaways on this blog, but today I’m going to announce a whopper!

Let’s go in the WayBack machine and go to the Erma Bombeck Writing Conference in 2010. I met Mo Rocca, Christian Lander, Tracy Beckerman, Erma Bombeck’s kids and grandkids, and lots and lots of awesome writers. I’ll summarize here.

SO I took a class from Tracy Beckerman about self-syndicated column writing and had some drinks with her later and thought she was an all-around funny gal who definitely has her shit together. (And isn’t it equal parts awe-inspiring and depressing to see people who have their shit together?) In addition to her column, Tracy had already written one book, “Rebel in a Minivan”, and was speaking at conferences. I, on the other hand, had managed to start matching my clothes.

I missed the Erma Bombeck conference in 2012, but kept up with Tracy through her Facebook page and her blog, where she regularly featured her completely adorable puppy, Monty.


Seriously. I started stalking this dog.

I saw her at Blissdom and congratulated her on “Lost in Suburbia“, but really, TELL ME MORE ABOUT THIS DOG. We caught up over dog stories (because I talk about George the Superpet more than I talk about my kids), and she talked about her book tour and how she would be in Chicago for an event, could I come? Well hell yeah.

Chicago Invite


In a bonus moment of luck, Jennifer from Out to Eat With Kids just happened to be coming to Chicago from Charleston, SC, to speak at the National Restaurant Association meeting, so I told Tracy I’d be bringing my friend who was going to be in town for the NRA Convention. Then I yelled “Don’t Mess With Texas!” and ran away shooting gun hands in the air. But the invite was out of the bag, she couldn’t take it back.

I got into Chicago and met Jennifer at her hotel, where we immediately ran down to Michael Jordan’s bar and officially started our night:

chicago opening toast

chicago duo

A picture of my nose and Jennifer. My nose INSISTS on having its picture taken at every party, it’s such an attention whore.
I’m the adorable one, whichever one you think that is.

chicago hair after

We arrived at Blow By Blow in Chicago, relieved to find it wasn’t a coke den, and Katie turned me into Curly Sue for a night.
This is my “I’m not sure if I’m a curls girl” smile.

chicago tracy julie

Saw Tracy, where I appear to not only be doing my signature photo slouch, but am pulling Tracy into it as well.
When you and I are in a picture together, I want you to say “Stand up straight, Julie!” Slouching is the Tall girl curse.

chicago meepers food

Met Meepers, who was a guest with her Daddy, DJ from Thoughts From Paris.
Meepers spent an inordinate amount of time near the antipasto bar.

chicago tracy meepers

Tracy, cheating on Monty with Meepers. I’m telling.

chicago meepers backpack

Meepers leaving for the night, or “Why I asked for a dog backpack for my birthday”.
Not sure if any of these is rated for a 110 lb Standard Poodle, but I’m looking.

chicago tulips 3

The point in the night when “Let’s take pictures of ourselves smelling the tulips on Michigan Avenue” seems HI-freaking-LARIOUS. Isn’t it funny how if you have a camera and it’s after 10 p.m. and you tell someone to stick their tongue in the flowers, they’ll do it? BTW, there is a restaurant behind the window where these flowers live.


This is a good one, people.

The good people who sponsored Tracy’s book tour have generously donated swag for my giveaway package!


Tracy signed one of her books to “The Lucky Winner of A Day In The Wife Drawing” – that’s one of you!
Can’t wait? Feel free to go buy a copy here.

Lollipop-Bling Pen

Office Candy donated one of their blingy pens and a sucker, and they have awesome office merchandise,
if you want to buy any of their stuff, click on the ad on my home page (over there on the right).
I used to sell some of these items in my retail store, LOVE the Cavallini products.


Living Fresh donated some pillowcases from their line of cleaner, healthier and more luxurious eucalyptus sleep products.
I’m using one on my pillow now, they are divine.


Therapon, the makers of Theraderm, are giving away a full skin renewal system to one lucky winner.
I’ve been using this product since Tracy’s party, and I’m going to tell you, I LOVE IT.
I can totally see a difference in my skin. This prize alone is worth $140.
(Honestly, I’m jealous of you. I just have the travel case.)

Hey Julie! Can you quit babbling on and on and tell us how we can win? Why yes. Yes I will.

From now until Sunday, June 2, at noon CST, you can get entries every day for EACH of the following:

  • One Entry each day for leaving a comment on ADITW blog.
  • One entry each day for leaving a comment on the ADITW Facebook page
  • One entry each day for Tweeting something to me at @JulietheWife
  • One entry if you become a new FB follower on the A Day In The Wife page
  • One entry if you become a new Twitter follower of @JulietheWife
  • One entry for both you and the newbie if you send a new follower to the blog, FB or Twitter.  They should write “I heard from (your name) that The Edge reads A Day In The Wife”. Or insert whatever celebrity name you like. As a matter of fact, anyone who just tweets or FB’s stuff like that will get one entry a day. Be sure to put the celeb Twitter handle in the post (i.e. @TheBloggess) just to confuse them. I love anarchy.

I will also throw in a Symphony Bar and an Autographed picture of Todd “Hot Nuts” Epstein and George the Superpet, because I’m a giver like that.  I can’t win, my relatives can’t win, so back off MOM.

So let the games begin!  Check back tomorrow for my interview with Tracy Beckerman about her book, “Lost in Suburbia“, and a video clip to her talking about her vibrator with Kathie Lee and Hoda on Today.




  1. I love ALL that swag….pick me,pick me!!!

  2. Thanks for showcasing Meepers! I had a great time and it was a pleasure to meet you! See you at BlogHer!!!

    • Meepers is a total rock star. Good to meet you too! Hope you enjoyed your shampoo-ing. That will make the other commenters wonder… See you at BlogHer!

  3. Shelley

    Okay Lady…I’m entering!

  4. Morgan Chardonnay

    You appear relatively sober. Now give me some free shit.

  5. Maggie

    So – next time you are in Chicago you have to let me know! I want to join you on one of your adventures (as long as they involve cocktails)! And would be so fun to see you and catch up on everything since, what? 1989?

  6. grandemocha

    Wait, do I leave a comment on this post every day or on subsequent posts?

    You look so pretty with your curls.

    How do I win the dog in the backpack? My kid would go CRAZY over that?

    • You can leave one every day on FB, Twitter and blog, and that will be three entries! I’m going to admit, I just didn’t love those curls. But thanks. I know, Meepers was totally adorable!

  7. Courtney

    Entering now

  8. lauren g

    Great giveaway! hope to win

  9. Jeanne

    Super-fun contest! :) Love this blog.

  10. I love this! I had such a fun night! Thanks so much for including me in this. Can’t wait to see you again.

  11. Count me in! I’d be silly not to try!

  12. Rosie

    Holy Cannoli! How can I pass up FREE–that is my favorite price to pay!!! I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win!