Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovahs.

It’s 10 p.m. the night before Valentine’s Day, and I just realized about a three hours ago that I forgot to get cards in the mail for all parents, nieces and nephews, and grandparents.  And yet, they all remembered us. I also realized I left Current Husband’s card at work, and I’m in the middle of my cycle so I can’t make it up to him with sex. We spent our evening making Youngest Daughter’s valentines for her class, which once again waited until the 11th hour. I volunteered at the elementary school tomorrow night after the third e-mail that said “WE ARE DOWN TO THE WIRE AND NO ONE IS HELPING DON’T LET OUR KIDS DOWN!!”, painting nails at their dance, so I can’t go out with highly neglected and blue-balled CH.  I also said I’d bring cookies to said dance, but since I haven’t had time to make any, I’ll be racing to the grocery store after work tomorrow night for frozen pizza and valentine’s cookies, which begs the question,


Seriously. Stop it.  I’m tired and I can’t keep up. You’re all lapping me.

Luckily, Valentine’s Day is a third tier holiday in our house, because CH and I think every day is Valentine’s Day (except the days I want to put the pillow on his face and hold it tight), and we both agree that this is one of those Guilty Holidays brought to you by the card and flower industry. I made him SWEAR tonight not to send me flowers.  Send them on July 11 for no reason and the Return on Investment will be tenfold.

Skip the gifts and tell someone you love them. Give your people extra hugs. I’ll take this moment to say thank you, Wifers, for still reading this blog even when all I do is complain, talk about my period, and make STD jokes. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.  I’ll leave you with this gift from my heart.




  1. mburton0214

    I spent my Valentine’s Eve making my kids Valentine’s Day super hero lollipops (that is as crafty as I get). Valentine’s Day is my birthday so I kind of like it. I did like it better pre-kid when the husb and I had “Grace Period” – the week of our birthday where the birthday person didn’t have to lift a finger for anything for A WEEK…Oh I miss those days!

    However being a new CA resident from NY, a February day wearing flip flops and going to LACMA kid free was pretty amazing.

    You can always change your stance on V-Day and just consider it homage to your new friend, me.

  2. GrandeMocha

    I bought my hubby a cake, my son a stuffed animal, and a dress for me. Happy Valentines Day!

  3. Maria

    Well, I don’t know how others do it, but I do it by making the whole family work on class Valentines, not doing anything for husband, grandparents, nieces or nephews, and skipping the school party to work. And I am fine with that.

    • Me too. This really sweet Girl Scout salesperson made an adorable tissue paper flower for me at said dance, and I immediately promised to buy more Girl Scout cookies from her. It’s fortunate she isn’t selling ponies or high rises in Chicago.

  4. jollybuzz2012

    As Liz Lemon says, I hate the word Lover unless it comes between meat and pizza!