Golden Globes Girls Night

Oldest Daughter and I have always watched awards shows together, and I love it. We curl up on the couch under a blanket and talk about the dresses and whose speeches are good and awkward and remind people to thank their spouses.  Here is our recap of the Golden Globes:

  1. Thank you God for Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. Wish we had seen more of them. 
  2. “When it comes to torture, I trust the lady who was married for three years to James Cameron.
  3. “No one has PLANS to do porn.”
  4. Tommy Lee Jones’ face while they’re riffing “Hope Springs” – this from Twitter @RichardCrouse, hilarious:
  5. tommy
  6. Jennifer Lawrence’s dress.
  7. Jennifer Lawrence’s entire acceptance speech. Don’t kid yourself, Meryl laughed. Because she already has like 20 of those things.
  8. Lena Dunham referring to watching Tina and Amy in middle school.
  9. Will Ferrell and Kristin Wiig. If you missed it, check it out:
  10. Glenn Close acting drunk.
  11. Amy canoodling in George Clooney’s lap.
  12. amy george
  13. Argo win, particularly after getting snubbed by Oscars.
  14. Jen Garner thanking Ben’s extra people – c’mon Ben, she probably picks up your dirty underwear too. MEN.
  15. Any shots of Bradley Cooper.

In the middle of the show, Oldest Daughter turns to me and says, “I think I’m going to give Current Boyfriend a baby for…” and then I went deaf.  WHAT. THE. HELL????  I woke to her lightly slapping me and pouring merlot down my throat. Then she finished her sentence, which was “….Turnabout, and I’ll take its head off and pin a note on it that says, ‘This will be you if you don’t go to the dance with me’.” WHEW. That was a close one. Way to redeem yourself, OD.  I went from shock to pride in 10 seconds. Of COURSE that’s how you should ask him. Although let’s replace the baby with a Zhu-Zhu pet or a Lalaloopsie.

On to the Oscars!




  1. I missed the show this year, but heard that Amy and Tina were awesome!

  2. Doreen Engebretson

    So fun to read your post about awards shows … a small group of my friends have been doing this for a long time now … each guest is met at the door with a glass of pinot grigio and the only rule is to NEVER run out!!! Oh … there’s a bit of food too!