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A Day in the Wife

Hello, Gentle Readers

The four or five of you who read the blog when it isn’t about Iowa State have probably noticed that I’ve been lax in posting of late. To be honest, I’ve felt a little bit, for lack of a better term, cock-blocked in my writing. There are entertaining things that happen every day, that I think most of you would get a kick out of, but if it’s about any of the schools, quite a few teachers read the blog, and they might get offended. Or call the DHS, because they are mandatory reporters. If I write about family, my family reads it. If I write about work, work people or their spouses read it. If I write about my kids, some of their friends’ parents, OR WORSE, their friends, may read it. I once pissed off one of my neighbors by writing about the feral cats. Years ago, I pissed off a PTA person by writing about a PTA event. I’ve pissed off in-laws, friends, and people who apparently hate Gwyneth Paltrow. Because I give my opinion about things, and as Abraham Lincoln once said, “…you can’t please all of the people all ¬†of the time.”

*sigh* DON’T I EFFING KNOW IT, ABE. Word. Read more…

Another Love Letter to Coaches With Restraining Orders Against Me

I’m pretty sure I’ve vomited it all over social media last weekend, and on the blog, and hey, let’s face it, subtlety is not my thing, so let’s get it all out…

Did y’all hear Iowa State won the Big 12 Championship?

big 12

Oh yes they did, Em-Effers.

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Random Acts of Kindness

Three things happened in the last 24 hours that are absolutely what I needed, when I needed it. Things in my life are amazing and overwhelming, disappointing and uplifting all at the same time, as they are in many of your lives too, I’m sure. Without boring you with the details, I’ll say that in my writing life I’ve had a couple of disheartening moments in the last week or so, but I found exactly what I need from people in my life to keep me smiling.

First – literal feeding.

I have a friend who is an amazing cook. You know how most people are either really good cooks or really good bakers? This one is the whole package. Last night she thought we should come over to her house for some Chinese Sticky Ribs and fried rice. Um, okay.

sticky ribs.

She fed my family AND gave me a delicious grapefruity-tinged glass of chardonnay. I was in my happy place. No one on the planet could be unhappy with Chinese Sticky Ribs in their mouth. And her husband is adorably snarky and her kids pretty great too. I even like her cat, which is saying a LOT. Read more…

Family Weekend

As I think I’ve alluded to before, it’s been crack-a-laka crazy around our house lately with basketball and musicals and show choirs and orchestras and a couple of full-time jobs. This weekend has been an oasis in the middle of all of that crazy, because we were taking the family to Hilton Coliseum in Ames to see Iowa State men’s basketball.

If I haven’t made myself clear in the past, let me reiterate – we are an Iowa State Cyclones home. Current Husband and I met at Iowa State, where we both graduated. Our kids have been brought up singing the Iowa State fight song, especially important since we’ve always lived in Iowa Hawkeye country. My sister-in-law is also an ISU grad, along with CH’s stepfather and all of CH’s step-siblings. We don’t get to many games, and this particular weekend is our fun weekend in Ames with my sister-in-law’s family.

g isu


Even George the Superpet is a fan.

We didn’t get off to a great start – about 45 minutes away from Ames, we hit some bad weather. REALLY bad weather. Cars started going in the ditch. A Geek Squad van, driving the opposite direction on Interstate 35, was flashing his brights and had his window down and his arm out, gesturing for everyone to slow down, and then we came up on this:

ISU ditch

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