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Called Out By Paula

Today I was on the Paula Sands Live show (PSL for you locals) for an article I wrote in the December issue of The Radish magazine. The article is about celebrating the small victories instead of putting so much pressure on yourself, mainly with regards to New Year’s Resolutions. What’s funny is that I wasn’t expecting her to pull up the blog, and suddenly, there we are on live TV, with my blog homepage on the screen, and Paula saying, “So tell me what you’re written recently on the blog that people should read?”



Because I haven’t been exactly faithful to blogging lately, what with the full-time job and three busy kids. And I couldn’t remember what the last thing I wrote was about. I found myself thinking, “Oh Dear God, please don’t let it be anything Whoreticulture Friday-ish,” but thankfully it was only a meme of Jesus talking slang. Because, you know, STANDARDS.

Paula’s peeps haven’t posted the video yet from the segment. When it’s up, I’ll post a link so you can watch me get caught off guard on live TV. But only if you want to waste five minutes of your life. I can’t guarantee it will be worth it.

Merry Christmas, Wifers! Hope you have an excellent new year on the way.



I Found You, Reader!

Once the high school musical was over, I entertained great fantasies about how I was going to spend all of my spare time. I’d sleep in, eat cake, and drink red wine while reading …ANYTHING. Oh, to be reading again! But my great delusion ended quickly, because as most parents firmly rooted in reality know, April is the start of The Great End-Of-School-Year Activities Rush!

Yes, it has begun. For us, it’s the “Your Child Is Going to be a Senior!” meeting, and then the “Your Child is Starting High School!” meeting, and the “Your Child is Starting Middle School!” meeting. In conjunction with this is the slew of “This Is The Last Thing Your Child Will Be Doing As A (insert grade here)” events. There are the music banquets and drama banquets and sports banquets and student government banquet. There is elementary Lunch on the Lawn and Fifth Grade Graduation (during the work day, of course) and the school festival.

Last week, I had a three-hour meeting with another mom to plan the slide show for the 5th grade graduation. We met at a bar, and we got our business done in 10 minutes and then spent the rest of the meeting enjoying Discount Martini Night and talking about our little girls going to middle school, which made the martinis kind of a necessity. Since the other mom is tall and blonde and gorgeous, the bartender kept giving us samples, and I’m sure we (me) got a little loud.

At the end of our meeting, we were getting up and a woman came over and said “I don’t mean to be stalking you, but I really love your blog,” and I yelled “OH MY GOSH, THE ONE PERSON WHO READS MY BLOG IS HERE!” It was a really lovely moment, because let’s be honest, I haven’t been the most dedicated blogger lately, and it was so nice to have someone say they read it. And she was really funny and I was just sorry that we were leaving and couldn’t have a drink with her.

So thanks, Gentle Stranger, for making my night, and making the Great End-Of-School Activities Rush and my slight sorrow over losing my baby to middle school just a little better.

In other news, I had my first latte and first Diet Coke since Lent ended, and they were SO DAMN DELICIOUS.

Have a great week, Wifers!


The WOOT Girl

You know the whole concept of the “perfect storm”?

Well tonight, I’m hours, maybe minutes, away from getting my shark week early, AGAIN, and we’ve been to a family funeral this week and driven a whole lot of miles and I’m tired and then tonight I took Current Husband to see Martin Sexton (and if you haven’t seen him , SERIOUSLY, what the hell, he is amazingballs) for his Valentine’s Day gift, except that he didn’t drink and I did and then I was the WOOT girl, who goes WOOT during every song and makes it about her, and at one point I was clapping and he made me stop because he said I was clapping waaaayyy off rhythm, and our friends were all laughing at me but I don’t care because I was having THEBESTTIMEEVERSOMUCHFUN.

Perfect storm. Happy I didn’t get arrested. And I had a designated driver.

Here is a video of Martin Sexton singing my fave song of his, Can’t Stop Thinkin’ Bout You, with John Mayer:

And now I’m home.

And it’s 11:11 p.m. (make a wish!) and I have to get up at 6:15 to make lunches and get everyone off to orchestra and student council and get to work, and ouch is that ever going to hurt.

And then?


Here is Fred Hoiberg dancing to New York State of Mind.Because he is awesome like that. And still maintains his “Punching Man” like a 20-year-old:

Here is a small video about how awesome Iowa State is and why you should send your kids there:

And I will be at Buffalo Wild Wings at 5:20 to hold down a table for 12 for our group of crazies, many of whom witnessed me being the WOOT girl tonight, so we can cheer our Cyclones on to Huskie dream-killing.


AND LISTEN TO MARTIN SEXTON. Because he is amazingballs. Said it twice in a post. Thus concludes my use of that word forever.


Help! I Need Somebody!

Not just anybody.

You know I need someone.


When I was younger, so much younger than today, I had nothing but spare time and I realize now that I completely wasted it. Had I realized that today I would spend my days at my job and all of the time after that driving around until bedtime, I would’ve gotten serious about writing my book back then. And buying stock in Apple with my drinking money. Now I’m pretty much just relying on someone to invent a time machine. I love seeing my kids on stage, on the court, playing their instrument, etc. I love our high school right down to my permed hair, ESPRIT sweater and penny loafers. But since I’m not very good at math, I didn’t realize that for every 10 minutes you see your kid involved in an activity, you have to put in 10 hours of volunteer time and/or driving and/or prep time. It’s basic algebra, people. And thank God my kids can rise above my absolute lack of organization or discipline, or we’d all be screwed.

In other words, sorry I’m down to being a once-a-week blogger. This insanity might possibly last until April 13, when the high school musical and basketball is over.

SO. Last week, as part of my commitment to our fine arts boosters at the high school, I said I would help with an event called Liverpool Legends, which is a faux Beatles tribute band. Louise Harrison, George Harrison’s sister, runs the thing, and she is a spark plug. I wasn’t in charge of it or anything, but I still showed up with a lasagne at about 4:45 and didn’t leave until 10 p.m., so I can’t even imagine the time the real organizers put in. It was totally worth it. And? I fed the Beatles.


Me, geeking out with Louise Harrison. I want to put her in my pocket and take her home. But security stopped me, yelling “Let Her Be!”

I am a lifelong psychotic Beatles fan – recognize the blog name? Read more…