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I Didn’t Swear on Paula Sands Live!

I was on Paula Sands Live today in the Quad Cities, who is our local Oprah, to promote the book I contributed to, which I’m sure you’ve never heard me talk about.

The last time I was on her show in July, I said that we could be Kathie Lee and Hoda, and I thought I had scared her off. But then my buddy Jake called from the studio and said “Hi Hoda! Do you want to come back on the show!?” And have an opportunity to expose myself publicly? OF COURSE! Let me put my neck in a bag and come one over!

When I walked into the studio everyone called me Hoda, and not one person offered any wine, which I just assume comes with being called Hoda. I then managed to tuck my double chin into my neck during the entire segment. I’m pretty sure I could see gills.

Here is the money shot of me and Paula:


And here is the segment. I think if you click the link it should come up.

News and Weather For The Quad Cities -

There’s still time to get a book! I am sold out again, but you can click through on the link on the right side on the blog (click on the book!) or go to

Until the next book, Paula. I’ll be drinking wine alone.


Grateful Wednesday: Support

Today’s bit of Thanksgiving gratefulness is about support.

Yes, I’d like to thank my spanx.

Just kidding. I’ve been incredibly blessed with so much support, and not just from my undergarments. In the years that I’ve been blogging, I’ve been supported by some amazing women who are writers and bloggers and just plain fun. These are people who share freely, who laugh hard, and who are just good people. I don’t even want to start listing people because I’ll forget someone and feel terrible, so for now, I’m just going to mention one: The fine bitches associated with In The Powder Room.

From Leslie, who threatened to dry hump my leg before I even knew her, to Diane and Kim and Robyn and Janie and Angela and Kerri and Lisa and all y’all (crap, I started listing), there is a huge amount of support on this site. ITPR started running some of my writing last year, and then I ended up in the book, You Have Lipstick On Your Teeth, with 30+ of my closest virtual friends, which has been such a fun ride. ITPR is running a story I wrote on Black Friday Shopping Trama  right now, so please click on over and check it out. I’m pretty sure this is the piece that is going to turn my brother-in-law into a fame whore.


In addition to support from my awesomesauce Commando Book Club, and some fantastic Quad Cities Peeps, I had two really amazing incidents of support in the past couple of weeks. Read more…

Getting Goopy for Gwyneth Paltrow

I have a piece running on In The Powder Room about Gwyneth Paltrow.

Click right here, so you can head on over and ch-ch-ch-check it out!



Thanks, and Happy Friday!


Where I’m Oversharing in Public This Week

Well hello, Wifers. Who would like to see me make an ass of myself in public?

Oh, You?

Well you’re in luck. I’m going to make an ass out of myself in TWO places this week. I make an ass out of myself every week, but these are public events. It should be fun, and extend my kids’ certain time in therapy. Maybe don’t tell them about it. This concerns my book. Have I told you about it yet? Have you bought it by clicking on the ad on the bar to the right? Don’t let me stop you.

amazon book bit

The first will just be plain old fun. I used to live in Mount Vernon, Iowa, and I actually owned a store there that I loved very much. I sold the store so we could move to the Quad Cities, and I’ve always missed it, and missed my awesome customers. Mount Vernon is a wonderful place, home of Cornell College, and if you’ve never been there, I suggest you go. We moved there because I had to pick up something from Cornell College for a business I was working for at the time, and I immediately fell in love with the town. We bought a house there four months later. I still have a lot of wonderful friends in MV, and my friend Tommie, owner of the ah-may-zing store FUEL is having a book signing for me on this Wednesday, Nov. 20, at 7 p.m. Click here for her Facebook Page, and come on down for the book signing, I’d love to see you! I will have books there for sale for $10 each (cash or check only), and I’ll be happy to sign them to you from Jen Lancaster. Read more…